Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Season?
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Season helps men dress confidently by providing a personal stylist service, powered by AI and human expertise. After completing a style profile, receive weekly curated outfit suggestions tailored to your preferences. Refine recommendations by liking/disliking items. Season is currently web-based but will launch on iOS and Android in 2024.
How does it work?
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It's simple (and free) – complete your style profile when you sign up and we'll send you outfit recommendations which match you preferences, every week You'll also be able to browse individual items, such as shirts, trousers, jumpers and coats.

Through a process of liking/disliking items, our AI system will further understand your preferences and will make improved outfit and style suggestions.

You can purchase items through our partner websites (although we plan to stock some items in-house soon).
Do you only recommend outfits?
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No, we also have a 'browse' section for you to shop individual items, recommended by us (based on your preferences).
When will Season launch?
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Season will launch in waves – the first batch of invites will be sent out in January 2024.
How is this personalised to me?
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Complete your style profile and Season will recommend outfits that match as closely as possible to your preferences. You can improve these recommendations and give us a greater understanding of your preferences by liking/disliking individual items.
Is it free?
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Yes, it's 100% free. We make money by taking a small % cut from the sales of some items. We might introduce a premium tier in the future (with more outfit suggestions, 1-2-1 chat and free next day delivery).
Do I purchase clothing directly from you?
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No, you'll purchase clothing directly from our brand partner websites. We are currently only making item recommendations. We do have plans to stock items in the future.
How do I return the items I've purchased?
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All items are purchased from brand partner websites. You can find the returns information for each brand on their respective websites. We don't handle returns or get involved in the returns process.
How do I delete my account?
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It's super easy – follow these steps: Login > Account Settings > Delete my account